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Pasture Equipment

Texas panel with a gate

Texas panel with a gate

Texas mobile fencing panel with a gate is an unique offer for all those who are looking for optimal solutions. Interesting design and characteristic round finishes are one of the many advantages of this product. What else can be included in them? Certainly, the excellent quality of workmanship as well as the solidity and durability of our meadow panels, as well as resistance to weather conditions, which lead us to another advantage, which is the separation of quarters inside and outside the building. Thanks to the Texas fence panel, you can also organize herd treatments on a pasture and facilitate and improve the loading of animals. The opening gate of each of the meadow panels allows you to quickly get to the designated area.


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ID width    height Mass (kg)
PTD-2400 2,4 1,7-2,2 50/55
PTD-3000 3,0 1,7-2,2 55/60
PTD-3600 3,6 1,7-2,2 60/65





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