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Tilting container

Tilting container

The presented tilting container is made of high-quality steel sheet. The protected tank is completely safe to use. Do not worry that the products in it will fall out or spill out. It is only after being released the so-called unloading system will set the entire procedure in motion. Then the container box will swing out automatically. The structure has been covered with green paint. The material is well protected against corrosion and external influences. To avoid damaging the bottom of the tank, do not drop heavy or sharp objects into it. Perfect for transporting fodder, grains and other loose materials.

keywords: tilting container.


ID  (dm3) Mass (kg)
PW-540 540 185
PW-1000 1000 220
PW-1500 1500 240



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Date added : 30.09.2019
Extension of a powder paint shop

The long-awaited expansion of the powder coating plant will start soon

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